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Rakuten: Ultimate Discount and Cash Back Shopping

Rakuten and cash back go hand in hand. If you do any online shopping then you need to be utilizing Rakuten's platform especially as the holidays creep closer and closer.

Rakuten often offers massive cash back on a wide variety of brands. Right now, as a part of a Black Friday special, Rakuten is offering 10% cash back on every site all weekend!

All you have to do to be able to earn cash back from shopping with Rakuten is sign up for an account, then navigate to a site to shop through the Rakuten site. That's it! Right now if you sign up using this link, you'll get a bonus $40 back after you spend $40 on a qualified purchase. Also, if you have an American Express card and would prefer to earn Membership Reward Points instead of cash back, you can select that as a payout option. Linked below I have a video where I go over all the details of Rakuten more in depth.


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