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Discover it Cash Back Q2 Categories Announced

For those with Discover's rotating category card, the Discover it Cash Back, new 5% categories await in the next coming quarter. Although Chase's categories for their rotating category card, the Chase Freedom Flex, normally aren't announced until the last couple of weeks of the current quarter, they rarely overlap with Discover's categories and we can begin to speculate what Chase might have in store for us next quarter as well.

The next Discover it cash back categories for Q2 of 2023 were announced yesterday morning in a CNN article, before being announced by even Discover themselves. Foodies and wholesale members rejoice, as these categories are restaurants and wholesale clubs. This means that through April 1st though June 30th, you can earn 5% back in these categories. Even better yet, if you are a new Discover it card holder within the last year and are eligible for the Cash Back Match Bonus, then that means you will essentially be earning 10% back in both categories instead. The Discover it card also comes in a student version which has some friendlier approval criteria if you are still in school, and new to credit and leaning responsible financial habits.

With wholesale clubs and restaurants in the future for the Discover it, it can be fun to speculate what the Chase Freedom Flex might have for its bonus categories next quarter. This quarter was nice having the grocery category in both the Discover it and Chase Freedom Flex, especially with Chase's current 5% sign up bonus on groceries, and hopefully we see some more good categories in the future. Most importantly, don't forget to log in to your accounts to activate next quarter's bonus categories if you haven't done so already!


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