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American Express Pre-Approval Now 100% Certainty

Mark Plymale

Nov 28, 2022

You can now know if you're approved with 100% certainty for an Amex card before you officially apply

This is pretty big news coming out of American Express. Preapprovals for credit cards have notoriously been problematic as at times consumers have been "preapproved" for a card but then decloined for that same card when they apply.

Here is a quote directly from American Express: “We know that consumers value transparency and certainty,” says American Express Executive Vice President of U.S. Consumer Marketing, Sara Milsten. “With our new application experience, prospective Card Members can apply for a specific Card — and know if they are approved — without having to worry about whether their application will change their credit score until they accept the Card. We hope this new, more transparent application experience encourages anyone with an interest in American Express membership to apply.”

This is great to see and I hope it becomes an industry standard going forward!

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